Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Poached Egg Bruschetta - Two Ways

Poached Egg Bruschetta – 2 ways

So, this is me trying to find somewhat easy recipes using truffle oil. Even if you don’t have truffle oil, I think this recipe is still worthy of trying, as in my opinion, eggs make everything better! Now, I adapted yet another recipe I found on The Food Network site, this one was a “mini challenge” from one of the contestants on The Next Food Network Star (Jeffrey Saad) from Season 6. He sadly was not the winner that season,  Melissa D’Arabian was. She is lovely and cooks wonderfully too though! So ANYWAY…here’s the link to the recipe, and again, since it is not my own, I will note the changes I made after:

Now, to start, I just used regular French bread that you find in any bakery. I sliced the bread at an angle to make them pretty. I lightly brushed the pieces with olive oil, and then toasted them in a hot pan, grilled cheese style. I toasted both sides, but if you prefer one side softer, by all means, do what you like! Rather than waiting to drizzle the truffle oil over the top, I opted to make truffle butter by mixing 1 pound of butter with several tablespoons of truffle oil. My taste buds have not yet become accustomed to the strong flavor, and this is how I ease myself into the experience. It really is a nice taste, but not something I want to overdose on! So, I used the truffle butter on the warm bread. I wilted my lettuce mix) I could not find arugula, so I used a baby lettuce spring mix) with olive oil and minced garlic. That goes directly on top of the toasted French bread.  The poached egg goes on the lettuce, and the gremolata on top of the egg.

I did make a second version of this egg Bruschetta dish, and that was just by making garlic bread, slicing a fresh tomato and placing it on top of the bread, then adding a poached egg, followed by grated parmesan cheese. BOTH of these versions were absolutely wonderful! I don’t think I can pick a favorite one, because they each had a distinct flavor. Because of how lovely they looked on the plate together though, I would strongly consider serving them together because, not only will the plate look deliciously colorful, but your taste buds will be deliciously satisfied! ENJOY!!

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